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The Shawano Ski Sharks is a water show ski team consisting of 55 Members, with many different areas and ways to showcase talents from skiing to making costumes to helping with safety on the docks or spotting in the boats. A Ski Shark member is assured to never be bored and to enjoy the wonderful camaraderie that comes with being part of a team! You do not need to know how to waterski to be part of the Team. There are many non-skiing opportunities available.

It is required that each Shawano Ski Shark member fills out a membership form (online) and pays a yearly fee by June 1st. You will not practice until this fee is paid. Membership fees and Volunteer commitments are as follows: 

Membership fees: 
Level 1 - $150 for 1 skier 
Level 2 - $275 for 2 skiers from same household 
Level 3 - $350 for a family (3+ skiers from the same household) 

Volunteer commitment-Each level must: 
1. Volunteer 8 or more hours 
   a. See volunteer sheet for opportunities--sign up genius will be emailed separately 
   b. These hours may be completed by a family member 
2. Sell 100 raffle tickets (these will be handed out at a dryland practice) 
3. Provide a separate $350 volunteer check--this will be held and returned at the end of the season provided you complete 8 or more volunteer hours and sell 100 + raffle tickets 
4. All members will also need to obtain USA Waterski and Wisconsin Water Ski Federation membership.

   a. USA-Waterski membership link
  b. Wisconsin Water Ski Federation membership link

Are you a skier who is interested in learning more about joining the Ski Sharks? Please use this link to fill out our membership application form and our membership coordinator will get back to you to discuss the team's expectations and requirements.


If you are not a skier and are interested in learning more about our Learn to Ski events, check this page for information:  Learn to Ski

Thanks to Our Sponsors

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If you're interested in sponsoring us, please send us a message

As a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization, the Ski Sharks rely on sponsorships. There are many sponsorship opportunities available:  ad in the annual program book, advertising on our ski jump, advertising on one of the towboats, equipment or monetary donation, etc. If you would like to sponsor or advertise with the Team, please reach out to us!

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